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22 October 2015 @ 12:52 pm
I almost forgot about this journal!  
It's been too long! Holy shit, how ya been?

I've decided that I need to use this journal more. I used to have an Ao3 journal that I could upload this stuff to, but I forget the login stuff. Srsly. SO, I'll post stuff here more often. At least stuff that I don't want to post onto FFNet, which isn't much, but my process or whatever can go here. Right? Right.

So, through my generally crazy state of mind, I've come up with these story premises that I'd really like some input on. Any input would be greatly appreciated and welcome.

The Institution
I've never written a story that was just for the Whovian fandom. Never. I've done crossovers with Sarah Jane Adventures, but never just Who. Anyway. The premise to this story comes from something Sarah Jane Smith said to Kelsey during the events of Sarah Jane Adventures episode entitled "Invasion of the Bane". She says something along the lines of "If you told anyone about this, who would believe you?" It got me thinking...
Early-Mid 1980s. Sarah Jane Smith sits in a nearly silent, padded room. After being probed by her aunt for answers of her whereabouts, Sarah let her Aunt know EVERYTHING. However, much to her shock, Lavinia Smith seems to think something wretched has happened to the girl while she was away and that she's only subconsciously substituting the truth for her far-fetched stories. However, while in a mental hospital, an old friend realizes something terrible may happen to his beloved Sarah Jane and he knows he must help her. So far thinking of throwing the 8th Doctor in on this.

Terror of the Cylons (title is highly subject to change)
This one comes about after all the comments of how Elisabeth Sladen and Mary McDonnell look alike. *shrug*
The Doctor and Sarah Jane Smith find themselves exploring different human homeworlds for the hell of it and happen upon a such place as New Caprica. The Doctor mistakes it as regular Caprica and tells Sarah the history of that place, leaving them out of sorts once they're thrown into the rest of society. When the pair are separated, Sarah is introduced to an ancestor and the Doctor aids in an uprising. When familiar metal beasts return to the humans' terror, the Doctor and Sarah do what they do best.

Hell of a Vacation
This one LITERALLY just came to me after watching a bunch of Murder She Wrote.
Sharon Raydor realizes that her son, Rusty, has never been on a proper vacation. Setting their sights on New England, the pair find the misty air quite relaxing once they get there. However, only a few days pass before the pair finds a dead body in the trunk of their rental car, and a list of suspects as long as Sharon's arm. Will Sharon and Rusty be able to find the murderer before one of them is the next victim?

So, there ya have it. Which, if any, do you think you'd enjoy reading most? I know there are different fandoms involved, but most Major Crimes kids that I know also enjoy some classic Who. Anyway, hopefully they work out and my brain doesn't shut down before I get to write them.
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KosmikDawgkosmikdawg on November 16th, 2015 02:41 am (UTC)
I'd enjoy all of them. :)